personalized medicine

One size does not fit all.

At True You Medical, we see each one of our patients as an individual. Therefore, every medical decision, intervention, and treatment are tailored to meet the personal intricacies of YOUR particular physiology, goals, and genetic predispositions. Our approach ensures that we fully understand the unique nuances of your condition so that we are able to skillfully design a custom treatment protocol to uncover the true you.


comprehensive care

Treat the WHOLE person.

We recognize each individual as a WHOLE because compartmentalized health care presents a great risk for missed components and/or contradicting therapies. We believe that the best approach is one that isintegrative, and goes to great lengths to treat each aspect of your health in order to optimize your healing potential and promote longevity. So whether you are coming in your skin or your hormones, we are not only aware that liver health could be a contributing factor – but we want to help you fix it.

address the root cause

Your symptoms are a sign of something deeper.

Despite having seen multiple physicians, patients often come in expressing frustrations with a lack of results, relapsing symptoms, or progression of disease following numerous prior treatments. This is not because these doctors are careless or incompetent, rather, it is a byproduct of the current medical paradigm which focuses on lessening symptoms. But at True You Medical, we recognize that this symptom approach is not only ineffective at providing long-term results or curing the individual, but it often elicits a number of unwanted side effects and drives the progression of a disease. Healing occurs when the underlying dysfunction is identified and properly addressed when triggering factors are recognized and removed, and when the innate healing processes are restored.

stimulate healing from within

Your body holds innate healing wisdom.

‘Vis Medicatrix-naturae’ – the body’s natural ability to heal itself – is one of the guiding principles of Naturopathic Medicine. The abilities to recover, regenerate, and appropriately respond to a stressor are all innate qualities of a healthy immune system. After repeated exposures to illnesses, toxins, pollutants, medications, injuries, and poor diets, our systems become overwhelmed and they begin to stop “fighting” and start adapting – weakening our vitality over time. As naturopathic doctors, we work to establish the conditions to heal, remove the underlying triggers and use natural therapies to stimulate YOUR OWN healing response rather than giving substances that “override” the dysfunction.

help you find the true you

Unleash, Discover, Feel, Love; the new you, the TRUE YOU.

When battling acne, premature aging, hair loss, weight gain, pain, fatigue – you name it – the true you can become muted or even lost. Although many of these ailments appear to be external, they drastically affect our internal sense of worth and ability to engage with the world as we’d like. Many feel that they must accept the “bad card” they have been dealt; however, that is not the case! You have the power to heal and restore, and we can help you reach your highest potential. Our mission work with you to remove dysfunction so you’re able to feel like, look like, and love, the TRUE YOU.

educate and empower

This is your journey; we are here to guide and partner.

Good health care is not a dictatorship, but a partnership. Finding a state of balanced, well-rounded health is a journey and we are here to be your guide – helping you along each step of the way. With all the media we are surrounded by, it can become difficult to decipher between a health care hoax and a legitimate ticket to optimal wellness. Our job goes beyond prescribing a magic pill; it starts by helping you understand your personal dysfunction and educating you WHY your personalized healthcare regimen is best for YOU.

Education is empowering, and it is one of our missions to change the health of our population by educating the misinformed – starting with our youth. That is why we have partnered with a local nonprofit that is devoted to creating a fully-functioning integrative health clinic in a local high school. What’s more, we are working on other initiatives to have nutrition courses incorporated into the curriculum of every high school across the nation.