Advanced Testing

Solving your health concerns can be like putting together a complex puzzle. Specialized testing provides more pieces when trying to see the whole picture!


At TYM, we utilize the DUTCH Hormone panel, a comprehensive urinary hormone panel that you can complete in the comfort of your own home. This panel provides the most extensive view of hormone
balance, conversion, and metabolism, allowing the doctors at TYM to understand the nuances of your particular hormone picture and steps to get your back feeling like the true you!


Nutritional balance plays a key role in optimal wellness, chronic disease prevention and promotinglongevity. In today’s world, with nutrient depleted soil and GMO food, eating a healthy diet and taking a standard multivitamin isn’t always enough. At TYM, we utilize SpectraCell, a micronutrient tests that tests for deficiencies of 35 nutritional components including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids within our white blood cells. This allows doctors at TYM to customize your nutritional program to the highest level for optimal wellness.


In recent years, a significant amount of research has been put forth emphasizing the importance of the integrity and health of the gastrointestinal tract and microbiome for disease prevention and optimal wellness. A stool analysis can help us diagnose any underlying infection, yeast or bacterial overgrowth, nutrient malabsorption, inflammation, and immune dysfunction.


Telomeres are sections at the end of each chromosome, which shorten during cell replication as we age. Eventually, the telomere becomes so short that replication isn’t possible, which leads to cellular death. At TYM, telomere testing is used as the ultimate way to measure longevity on the cellular level. By lowering inflammation and oxidative stress, telomere attrition (aka die off) can be slowed; therefore annual telomere is a great way of assessing the effectiveness of your wellness routine and appropriately measure how “gracefully” you are aging.


Cardiovascular disease is not only the #1 killer in the United States, but often a silent one! Many of us walk around oblivious to the destruction occurring within our vessels. At TYM, we understand the importance of catching cardiovascular disease early; therefore, we utilize the most advanced lipid panels, inflammatory markers, and high-sensitivity cardiac stress markers in order to appropriately determine the condition of your blood vessels, heart burden, and risk for CVD event. Furthermore, this testing allows us to cater our treatment protocol to treat the root cause, rather than simply alter lab values.


Proper blood sugar balance is an integral piece of achieving optimal wellness. Insulin resistance and diabetes are a growing epidemic in today’s society, and can be the initiating factor in a number of chronic ailments. Therefore, it is important to catch this as soon as possible. That is why at TYM, we seek to not only correct blood sugar disease processes, but also optimize your existing range! Luckily, blood sugar imbalances are very treatable and once resolved, often confers a great deal of relief in many stypes of systemic symptoms for the patient.


The adrenals are little glands on top of the kidneys that release a hormone called cortisol, aka “ the stress hormone.” Today, most people are affected by stress in one way or another, and disruptions in cortisol rhythm is rampant. Adrenal stress testing evaluates the levels of cortisol over a 24 hour time period. Cortisol is involved in the maintenance of blood sugar, melatonin, thyroid hormone, weight, bone health, and energy levels. Therefore, this test becomes very useful in evaluating conditions such as, glycemic dysregulation chronic fatigue, food cravings, weight gain, poor sleep quality, and hypothyroidism, among others.


Traditionally, food allergies are considered only when a food causes someone’s throat to close, hives to appear, an itchy mouth or ear canal, nausea and vomiting, or diarrhea. Now, we understand that individuals can have sensitivities aka intolerances to foods that show up with atypical symptoms or even completely asymptomatic, but can cause systemic immune dysfunction! The symptoms can be varied, such as, a migraine, cough, depression or anxiety, stomach ache, or bloating. Symptoms of food intolerance can take longer to show up than a food allergy; therefore, testing makes it easier to identify! Once identified and removed, a gut healing protocol can begin, with hope of improved tolerance overtime.


Heavy metal testing is done to determine the level of heavy metals that persist in the body after someone has been acutely or chronically exposed. It can also be used to monitor improvement after chelation or detox treatment. Commonly tested heavy metals include Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, and Cadmium. Many individuals are unaware of their exposure; however, we are exposed to heavy metals through our food, water, and environment on a regular basis. Accumulation of these heavy metals can lead to long term health complications; therefore at TYM we always do a thorough history to determine if heavy metals build-up could be contributing to your current symptoms.