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Skin Aging: A Process Which Can Be Fought

Within the process of aging, skin changes may be one of the most distressing realities. The quality of our skin can drastically impact how others perceive our age, health and level of attractiveness.

Although our skin, like any other organ, is victim to chronological decline, we have the power to drastically slow the rate and dampen the extent of the aging process through a multitude of avenues.

At True You Medical, we recognize the importance of maintaining youthful skin and we address this process from all angles. We utilize a naturopathic approach to not only treat and reverse the current signs of aging with novel regenerative medicine, but also, address the underlying cause – ensuring protection against future insults.

Two Main Processes of Skin Aging

There are essentially two main processes of skin aging: 1) intrinsic or chronological aging; and 2) extrinsic or environmental aging. Typically, intrinsic aging is seen as an inevitable phenomenon, while extrinsic aging is considered to be preventable with proper avoidance of environmental triggers. The most most common trigger in extrinsic aging is exposure to UV radiation, which results in “photoaging.” Extrinsic signs of aging skin include thick, leathery skin with deep wrinkles and uneven mottled pigmentation; while, intrinsic aging results in fine lines, thinning skin, loss of facial fullness and sagging skin.

A Complex System Requires a Comprehensive Approach

The skin is a complex ecosystem with a multitude of responsibilities; therefore, optimizing skin health and your appearance requires a comprehensive approach. Healthy, youthful skin is fully capable of performing the following four functions:

  1. Forming a protective barrier against mechanical and chemical insults.
  2. Maintaining a state of hydration and pH balance.
  3. Eliminating toxins and mounting an appropriate immune response to foreign invaders.
  4. Providing protection from UV radiation with proper antioxidant function.

The process of aging is mediated by compromise in each of these four areas. ‘Of You’ products are comprised of constituents specifically designed to address each of these functions to support optimal skin health and appearance.

The Main Players in Skin Aging

The mechanisms involved in skin aging are quite expansive; however, the majority of the aesthetic decline can be attributed to the loss of collagen, moisture, elasticity and fat.


  • Collagen fibers are responsible for the mechanical strength of the skin. The maintenance of a confluent mesh network of these fibers contributes to smooth, youthful skin texture. However, with age, collagen synthesis is reduced and the mesh network becomes more disorganized. Additionally, collagen fibers are susceptible to damage which leads to rough texture and wrinkling of the skin. Collagen damage can be mediated by external factors; including sun damage, pollutant exposure, smoking and diet, as well as internal factors such as hormonal decline, oxidative stress and genetics.


  • As it sounds, elastin is a protein responsible for keeping the skin tight, buoyant, and flexible. The loss of elastin leads to sagging and wrinkles in the skin of elderly.


  • Among many, hyaluronic acid and glycerin are two essential components in maintaining skin hydration. Hyaluronic acid is the main molecule to which water is bound in the skin; thereby, being a key player in skin hydration. It also contributes significantly to the barrier function of the skin. Glycerin is essential for hydration and skin elasticity. The quantity of glycerin in the skin decreases with age; therefore, supplementation with topical or oral products containing glycerin have proven to be effective in maintaining healthy and attractive skin.


  • The face is one area that we like to keep plump. With aging, there is redistribution of fat – with fat loss occurring beneath the eyes and in the cheeks, temples and forehead. This can lead to a sunken or emaciated appearance and increased wrinkling. In addition, bone resorption of the facial bones contributes to skin sagging and uneven facial contour.

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