When I was 15, I began to develop cystic acne. My self-esteem plummeted and my social life was nearly absent. I couldn’t bare the thought of being seen with my face covered in huge red bumps. I felt trapped behind my acne, and was seeking every available treatment option to relieve me from my misery. After failing multiple conventional medications, I began to look for a more natural route… That is when I met Dr. Ortiz. Dr. Ortiz went above and beyond to find what was contributing to my acne. We did multiple tests to assess my hormones, gut, inflammation, and food allergies to determine a route for treatment. After dietary modification, hormone modulation, and gut healing, my acne was disappearing! After several months, my face was clear of all new breakouts, but I was left with pitting scars and blotchy complexion. At that point, Dr. Ortiz recommended going to the second stage of treatment, OfYou Clear. We did 6 treatments using the micropen and injections of my own growth factors, and my skin improved markedly after each treatment!  I can’t believe the results! My acne is now a thing of the past, and my complexion is smoother than I could have ever hoped. I am back to feeling like myself again!

Portrait of happy teenager smiling against gray wall