I sought regenerative hair restoration because I am in my mid 40s and am not ready to let go of my hair! Over the past 5 years it seemed like I am loosing the fullness and receding was notable.  Probably my stress levels and lack of sleep however I desired to correct it while I can.  Dr. Nicole Ortiz explained the benefits of Regenerative growth factor therapy over hair implants.  What I loved most is that I will have no scarring, the new growth will be natural distribution and the results are NEW hair follicles.  I went in for a 90 min procedure 5 times over 6 months. By the final session I can happily attest to having 50% more fullness in my hair and my receding hairline on forehead is much less pronounced. The procedure was discrete, wore a baseball cap the day of the procedure and back to business the following day. Dr. Ortiz also gave me a home regimen to stimulate the growth between treatments, which for assurance to maintain this mane I am continuing as maintenance!

Close up portrait of a handsome man smiling with hand in hair against gray background