Over the years, the stress of owning a business started to create wear and tear on my health. At about age 40, I realized that my energy had bottomed out and I was getting sick much more often than usual.  I was having difficulty waking up, making it through afternoon meetings, and maintaining any sort of regularity with exercise. After years of struggling, my wife finally convinced me to seek help from her doctor, Dr. ortiz. Dr. Ortiz immediately helped me understand how my years of high levels of stress and poor diet were contributing to my extreme fatigue.  We did a series of comprehensive testing, addressing all aspects of my health through lifestyle modifications. My MIRACLE “drug,” however, was weekly energy boosting IV Nutrient therapy sessions, each of which were customized to exactly what I needed based on my particular nutrient deficiencies. After the first one, I immediately felt the effects. Each week, I felt like I was regaining pieces of my energetic youthful self. After 6 weeks, I was finally able to make it through my day without needing a nap and was able to maintain a consistent workout schedule. Since then, I’ve experimented with a variety of IVs, and can say that IV nutrient therapy has absolute enhanced my life and will forever be part of my health routine.

Elder male with a perfect smile