Custom Growth Factor Creams

The latest craze:

There are a million and one skin care products that promise brighter and more even skin tone, wrinkle reduction, collagen proliferation, increased elasticity, reduced pore size, and the list goes on…but how do you know you can trust these claims? There are a whole host of ingredients that DO clearly benefit the quality and health of the skin, but none so powerful as your own growth factors. True You Medical has the power to harvest’s your own potent growth factors and homogenize them within a cream of your choice.

According to this article in the New York Post, it has become all the craze amongst celebrities from Cher to Kobe Bryant, but True You Medical creams won’t set you back $950 plus a flight to Germany.

What are Growth Factors and why do they benefit the skin?

Growth factors are messenger molecules found within each of your cells. They are responsible for sending signals to bring in new stem cells to the area, which proliferate to form new tissue. In the skin, these stem cells form new collagen and elastin, restoring a youthful texture and glow.

The growth factors True You Medical uses are the same growth factors in all of natural ‘Of You’ medical aesthetic procedures. The use of these creams allows patients to continue to use these potent signaling molecules all month long, further enhancing the regenerative potential.

What is the process of creating my Custom Growth Factor Cream?

This process takes 3 easy steps:

  1. Blood draw
  2. Choose your base cream/serum/mask from True You Medical’s amazing natural skin care line
  3. Your blood is then processed and homogenized within the cream of your choice

This process generally takes 30-60 minutes, depending on the number of products purchased and staff availability. During this time, you are welcome to wait in the waiting room or schedule a pick-up time for later in the day or the following day.

How long do the creams last?

The growth factors are active for 30 days if kept refrigerated. After 30 days, the growth factors lose their potency, but you may still continue to use the cream after that point for its other beneficial components.

Do I have to be an established patient to purchase a cream?

No. We welcome anyone to try out one of custom growth factor creams. Because it does take time to process the blood, it is recommended that those who would like to wait for their cream to be finished call ahead of time.