Of You Hair Rejuvenation

Of You Hair Rejuvenation RF Therapy

Hair Rejuvenation Regrowth Factor:  is a revolutionary cell-based treatment that helps to stabilize and reverse hair loss in men and women. Hair Rejuvenation Regrowth Factor (RF) works to thicken hair in those who have experienced hair loss from inherited predispositions or illness or drug side effects. Hair Rejuvenation RF uses bio-materials sourced from a patient's own blood to stimulate hair follicles to regrow and function normally.  The patient’s growth factors are injected into their scalp. This natural therapy both safe and effective in encouraging hair follicles to return to a state of active growth.

How does OfYou Hair Rejuvenation RF work?

The RF in Hair Rejuvenation RF is short for Concentrated Growth Factors. Tiny injections with a very thin needle create micro-trauma within the scalp, initiating the localized healing response necessary for tissue regeneration. This treatment uses the completely natural growth factors found in the patient’s specific cells in blood called platelets.  The injected platelets and concentrated growth factors essentially fertilize the area, providing the follicles with the necessary nutrients for regeneration and new growth.

How Does OfYou RF Results Compare to Other Methods?

Hair Rejuvenation RF Therapy represents the next generation of platelet rich plasma hair regrowth therapy. Recent developments in cell harvesting have allowed CGF therapies to improve on existing cell-based hair rejuvenation therapies like Platelet Rich Plasma.

PRP hair rejuvenation has already been proven effective in patients with androgenic alopecia where treatment with minoxidil and finasteride had failed. Hair Rejuvenation CGF further improves upon the effect of PRP in Adrogenic Allopecia and other types of hair loss.

What results can be expected?

This procedure is stimulating YOUR OWN BODY to create new tissue growth, so this healing response takes time. Typically, it takes 6-9 months before the results are apparent, and a succession of treatments (at least 4) is usually required for optimal results. The results are affected by a person’s overall health, nutritional status, current medications, and stress levels. These factors are addressed by the doctors at TYM to help maximize the results.

Who should consider this?

This treatment is wonderful for those who are looking for a natural treatment with NO down time and very limited risk. It works well for a variety of hair loss conditions, including, both male pattern baldness and female hair loss. The absolute contraindications for treatment include active tobacco smokers, active cancer, blood dyscrasias, and persons on certain blood thinning therapy.