Of You Illuminate

What is ‘Of You’ illuminate?

‘Of You’ Illuminate is a revolutionary cell-based treatment designed to take your skin from dull and tired, to vibrant, youthful and glowing. This treatment is used to slough off old skin cells, decrease hyperpigmentation and dark spots, minimize fine lines, tighten pores, and stimulate growth of new collagen. It takes your facial (or vampire facial, chemical peel or laser treatment) to the next level!

How Does it Work?

Of You Illuminate utilizes concentrated growth factors coupled with a microneedling device used to stimulate the growth of healthy, plump new skin. This procedure involves extracting concentrated growth factors and platelet-rich plasma from your blood, activating these enriched cells, and then injecting them into scar tissue. This treatment combines the special mixture of your own activated cells with the Micropen. The Micropen is a microneedling device which creates many tiny porous channels in the skin triggering your body’s own healing mechanisms to lay down new healthy collagen and elastin. Furthermore, these porous channels allow for better delivery of the the healing-enriched cells directly into the dermal layer of the skin further enhancing the response by providing the necessary growth factors and signaling molecules for cellular proliferation. After 2-3 days, your skin should start to slough off the outer epidermal layer, revealing the fresh glowing layer of skin beneath.


Procedure time:

Generally, the treatment itself should take between 15- 20 minutes. Appointments will be scheduled for 1 hour to allow time for a blood draw, numbing and processing of materials.


Immediately after the procedure, your face will appear bright red with minimal bleeding. We typically recommend patients to come later in the day and avoid making plans for the evening. On average, the face will appear slightly red and swollen for 2-4 days, with some patients being completely healed within 24 hours.

Result timeline:

Patient’s will notice an immediate illumination of their skin tone and texture. The full results will continue to develop over time, with the effects lasting up to 6 months.

Number of treatments recommended:

A series of three treatments is recommended, separated 1 month apart. For best results, this series should be done annually as part of a regular longevity routine.