Of You Clear

‘Of You’ Clear

What is ‘Of You’ Clear?

We understand that acne can be a debilitating condition that has the potential to leave behind embarrassing pitting and pigmented scars for life. Fortunately, ‘Of You’ Clear is an innovative treatment designed to remove these unwanted scars – eliminating this daily reminder of past breakouts.

How Does it Work?

Of You Clear utilizes concentrated “growth factors” coupled with a microneedling device to break up old scar tissue and stimulate the growth of new healthy collagen. This procedure involves extracting concentrated growth factors and platelet-rich plasma from your blood – activating these enriched cells, and then injecting them into scar tissue. This treatment combines the special mixture of your own activated cells with the Micropen. The Micropen is a microneedling device which creates many tiny porous channels in the skin – breaking up old scar tissue and triggering your body’s own healing mechanisms to lay down new healthy collagen in replacement of old scar tissue. Furthermore, these porous channels allow for better delivery of the the healing enriched cells directly into the dermal layer of the skin, further enhancing the healing response.

What Results Can be Expected?

After the first treatment, you should notice diminishing of unwanted scars and hyper-pigmentation, as well as a brighter overall complexion. In addition to diminished scars and more even skin tone and texture, pore size is diminished. Most patients typically require at least 3 treatment for optimal results.

Can it Help in an Active Breakout?

Of You Clear can help in an active breakout, as it acts to remove the outer layer of the skin, similar to having a chemical peel. However, the procedure alone will not prevent future breakouts. Fortunately, the team at True You Medical are experts in skin health and take the time to address the entirety of your entire health in order to find and address the root cause of your acne with a variety of other natural therapies.