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True You Welcomes Dr. Campagna from the Bay Area

Thursday, February  8

5:30pm at True You Medical

73-375 El Paseo, Suite D.

(Palm Desert) – True You Medical, a naturopathic clinic located on El Paseo in Palm Desert, welcomes a new doctor on staff – Dr. Nina Campagna. The founder of True You Medical – Dr. Nicole Ortiz – invites the public to meet Dr. Campagna and hear from her about thyroid health and a holistic approach to evaluation and management of this common condition on Thursday, February 8th at 5:30pm. This special Doctor Talk will be at the True You Medical clinic located at 73-375 El Paseo, Suite D, in Palm Desert. Vitamin B-shots will be offered at the event for $1 as well as throughout True You Medical’s business hours on that day.

Dr. Campagna previously co-owned and practiced at Optimized Wellness Center, a multi-disciplinary holistic medical clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her expertise and passion for regenerative medicine and IV nutrient therapy – along with her love for the desert – brought her to the True You Medical team.

“I’m so thrilled to join True You Medical, a clinic that is ideally matched with my background, philosophies and approaches using holistic medicine,” said Dr. Campagna. “Aside from my expertise in thyroid health, I will be offering a full range of naturopathic services and treatments – and I look forward to becoming more involved in this dynamic desert community.”

She received her naturopathic medical degree from National University of Health Sciences. She graduated magna cum laude and salutatorian of her class.

Dr. Campagna is well-known for her unique treatment of thyroid conditions. The conventional medical system commonly determines thyroid health based on a single lab marker, called “TSH.” However, anyone suffering from thyroid-related symptoms will feel and function at their best when multiple thyroid lab markers are reviewed which is how True You Medical approaches thyroid conditions.

When the thyroid is not in balance, it can cause other glands in the body to not perform as they should. This is the perfect storm for feeling fatigued, having trouble sleeping, trouble with weight, hair loss, and more.

True You Medical offers enhancements for skin and hair regrowth using custom regenerative stem cell based treatments and cosmetics in synergy with vitamin IV infusions focused on delivering high dose nutrients directly into cells and providing rapid healing/anti-aging effects. True You Medical also offers the largest menu of custom vitamin shots in the desert – from detox and slim down shots to those formulated to provide energy and support the immune system. No need to be a patient to receive vitamin shots, and they are available on a walk-in basis.

In addition, True You Medical has a hair regeneration treatment that is exclusive to the clinic. Hair Rejuvenation Regrowth Factor is a revolutionary cell-based treatment that helps to stabilize and reverse hair loss in men and women. Hair Rejuvenation Regrowth Factor (RF) works to thicken hair in those who have experienced hair loss from inherited predispositions or illness or drug side effects.

True You Medical’s menu of services includes hormone management, naturopathic medicine, physician-led cleanses and weight loss programs, acne treatments and longevity programs as well as ‘Of You Regenerative Growth Factor’ creams using the body’s very own stem cell recruiting cells. When applied to the skin they activate the natural healing process to renew, rejuvenate, and refresh skin. Growth factors are taken from a small blood draw at True You Medical and processed immediately into a custom growth factor cream. ‘Of You Regenerative Growth Factor’ creams help stimulate fibroblasts to synthesize collagen and elastin production, improving skin’s natural repairing capability.

For more information about True You Medical and to review a complete list of services, go to TrueYouMedical.com or by calling (760) 340-0013.